Amazing White Cliffs in Indonesia + Itinerary!

Only in Madura

We went to Bangkalan, Madura. I attempted to search a delicious food from Bangkalan called "Nasi Serpang" that I really want to show you guys, but instead we headed our motorcycle to a place, where fantastic view of cliffs in white.

So, I list my itinerary departed from Surabaya through Suramadu bridge to Madura island.



10.00 AM   Surabaya - Suramadu Bridge

We prepare everything we had (talking about some cash😜). First, we drove to my vocational school to have our tummy full for the journey. We actually search for a "Nasi Campur Babi" or hmm, what should I translate it? Well a mix rice with pork, i believe... Anyway, we searched it around Peneleh where it well-known for their Netherland Graveyard. We didn't eat the Nasi Campur, and I thought that maybe we can searched for another option. My option fell to Gado-Gado right beside my vocational (I would love to inform you later if I have my chance to come back again to that place, but right now I didn't have any document for that).
Right when our tummy is full, we headed to Suramadu Bridge (it actually near my school), we drove with a motorcycle and as you can see in the video up there, we didn't have to pay for any toll fee for motorcycle only, I believe if you choose to use car, you will get a toll fee but unfortunately I don't know how much it will cost you. The journey didn't take us too long, it only took us for 20-30 minutes and the view to the Madura island is beautiful and about windy breeze we had at there.

11.00 AM   Rest Area - Bukit Jaddih

When we arrived in some convenient store for rest, we bought a bagelen for snack while driving. Shout out for their clean toilet by the way!!!
Once we had enough rest, we continue drove to our main destination. We searched in google maps for the easiest and effective road, so we take a shortcut instead the recommend road from google. But I really need to inform you this...

I feel that my journey is still safe though, so I have nothing to scared or worried about.

Why so?
Well, the day after our trip to Bukit Jaddih, I spoke to some of women that sell snacks, they really shocked when I tell them how I went to Bukit Jaddih, with motorcycle and no harm story. I was pretty confused, I KNOW I didn't have any harm story while driving or visiting the area. They said that we all should be careful with any kind of criminality around that area, especially when you drive with motorcycle. It's call "Begal" (read : bey-ghal). Shortly Begal is basically an act of a person or a group of people try to steal the motorcycle by harming the driver and could be the passenger also.
Well, I'm telling you about this is NOT TO SCARY you. But YOU SHOULD AWARE of your safety WHERE EVER You're going. But I feel that my journey is still safe though, so I have nothing to scared or worried about.

Well, back again with the story..

13.00 PM   Arrive in Bukit Jaddih

Shortly, the road is really not as easy as I thought. The roads are not that really well (not a straight surface most of them) and I feel shaky when riding a motorcyle and not to mention about so many speed bumps.. But we finally made it to the complex of white cliffs.

I suppose there are 3 area (and be careful you might get parking fee or entrance fee for each area) :
1. Surround by Cliffs
2. Swimming Pool
3. Goa Pote
I chose Goa Pote instead because I want my motorcycle to be safe as I can watch it while enjoying the view.

I must tell you that I had high hopes that it would be really amazing, but I found out that the lake is super green. Not the best view though, but I really enjoy structures of the white cliffs surrounded us.

16.00 PM   Ate in Bebek Sinjay - Surabaya

We utterly forgot that we spent almost 4 hours in the destination and we can't help our starving tummy. So we back again to the main road that we used and we headed right to the City of Bangkalan. We arrived in Bebek Sinjay, the famous resto origin from Bangkalan and spread widely across East Java, Indonesia (I believe).

You have to order first at the cashier and then pay, then you have 2 option.
1. If you choose to take-away meal, you can take your order on right side of the cashier (give your bill to the employee and they will prepare your meal in front of you)
2. If you choose to eat in the place, you have to take steps towards downstair, it's in the left side of the cashier. Don't worry if it's too way crowded, just wait for your call (there is a number in your bill) and they will serve you when it's your time.

We finished our dinner at 17.00 PM and we get back to Surabaya immediately before the sunset went down. I was lucky to see the view of sunset right when I was on my motorcycle, crossed the Suramadu Bridge. We arrived back in Surabaya around 18.30 PM, phew! 😊

*NOTE : All of these photos are mine.
Edited with MADURA 01 and MADURA 02 in Indonesia Preset Collection. Edited in Adobe Lightroom CC (Mobile Version).

I really enjoy what nature of Madura offered us, I will continue to explore more especially I really want to try again eat "Apen Dhulit", a sweet snack like serabi with white sauce from brown sugar.
Well that's end my travel story to Bukit Jaddih,

See you soon in other post!

Feli xoxo

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