I walk to Bromo Crater

What do you know about MOUNT BROMO ?
Apparently is not the highest mount in the complex, but it's the famous one!

Yesterday, on May 6th 2015. Me and my lovely friends took a journey together to the Bromo Crater. I had done also, twice exactly with my family but i haven't seeing the crater with them.
by the way.. correction! typo alert! this is LATTE'S DIARY #4

It was not like we are on tour or whateveryoucallit. It was a part of learning and educating student. More likely study tour (with some guiding test) OH WELL!
I started my day with a nice cup of Luwak White Coffee and around 5.10 a.m, myself and my room mate went to school. I prepared everything (lots of bread, cookies, candies and gummies).
We got into the bus immediately as soon as we arrived. The teachers started the tour with a morning pray and then after that we have our delightful breakfast in a bus, after we finished our meals we started to guide in a bus from our 1st point which is Surabaya to Mount Bromo (Tengger Complex) until then, we arrived at Desa Pekalen (village) where we'll be proceed to rafting activities.

Yeapp. We arrived at Songa Adventure! The river which we will be rafting-on along 12 km. It's quiet fun and challenging! I must have another rafting activities more in the future. But, after we were done with our rafting, i felt it's not that extreme and scary.
It's not extreme at all!!!
 The tour continued to the hotel and around 20.00 p.m we arrived and checked in. What an exhausting day, though we were not allow to take a nap or just close our eyes for 15 minutes...

So, the next day... which is at 2:30 am, there was a morning call. We have to see a sunrise and ta daaaa, we take a look at Mount Petigen (Penanjakan II).
Let me tell you that you will taste the good feel up there.

And then, we continued our journey to the sand of sea!
(This photo ^ behind us is Batok Mountain)
Which is ridiculously have a unique legend

It was such a struggle to climb 250 stairs, not only that.. the huge struggle was before we went climb we've to take a walk to reach there (or maybe you can be fancy schmancy with ride a horse)

This photo was taken at the BROMO CRATER (finally!! hahaha!). Around 7 o'clock, like we used to know that sunlight morning are always the best for taking pictures! (don't forget your selfie tho *wink*)

If you planning to visit Indonesia, don't hesitate to visit BROMO mountain first, before that.. you can take those backpacker bags from Surabaya (where you arrives) and go to Mount Bromo!
Have a great day ahead everyone ! 

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  1. So beautiful place my dear!!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

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    1. thank you eni !
      it is very beautiful :)
      have a nice day also !

  2. I love looking at pictures from around the world and especially of places I've never been to.

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