WE went "Tour de Forest" in Bondowoso and Situbondo, Indonesia.
Full of study schedule but let's say, I'm lucky to have "Traveling" and get the green knowledge.

JAN 23th - JAN 24th 2015 - 2D/1N


Night before the day come, i was thinking.. Is it true ? I'm finally traveling ?! Well although in group..
I woke up at 3.00 am, took a bath and ate some meatballs that i bought from a traditional market. Quiet simple meals that i can eat. About 4.30 i went to school to go to Intiland Tower Surabaya. Well, we ate breakfast there!
 On the road, (we) passed Paiton, Situbondo. A famous electric company and i red a magazine that is pretty inspire me called Rooting In. While alone, i listened to Luke Shay - Say My Name. A wonderful song!
After 8 hours on the road, we finally stop to eat. "My tummy is screameeeeng!"
And the funny part that i remembered is i was looking for a charger place all day long for my friend's pocket camera that she borrowed it for me. All day long !! Even on that moment, i feel ashamed now for remember how embarrassing i was.. Oh well !
 TA-DA-DAA! We arrived at Pejaten Village on Bondowoso ! Let's see how is it works.
Not mentally there but when i paying attention to the guide, he explained us about things that i never learn about. Of course because i attend in Tourism Subject not Green Peace Subject.
But for some reason i'm kinda like how they did (PT. Harfam, Indonesia). They works based on the land of Afforestation (?) in sustainable project that worth of Triple Bottom Line or 3P (People-Planet-Profit)
*click here to read about Afforestation>>

We learned lots of things about teak tree (this one we learned about tectona grandis, the type of the teak)


In day 2 we went to the next forest! WOOHOO, felt so amazing looking everything is well-green and those skies like a painting. On the top of the forest, you will know how mighty and wonderful God's creation (through it all).
I forgot what time we had a lunch break in villagers' house. I'd say their cooking is good enough (i never try it, seriously!) and these are our nice cookers! (some of women are afraid to take photos with us, i feel bad ._.)
I just love how i took this photo for. Innocent-look and beautiful smile came from them.

Thank you for the lesson you taught me

I can not take it!! I shall take lots of photos and videos!! Bwahah!
Well, a little selfies can't go wrong, right? Admit it.

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