So my previous tour was on Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia 10/16. This place is well known as their former of Mojopahit. We saw many beautiful gates or we call it gapura, such as Wringin Lawang and Bajang Ratu and also temples, the most huge is Berahu Temple. We went to a Vihara Sleeping Budha which is the largest on Indonesia and 3rd largest after Thailand and Nepal. It may sounds boring for the first time but i had so much fun! Though we took some selfies and made this tour as our photoshoot. Don't laugh! Just try to be a model, peopleeee ! Photos by David Pratama.
Photo was taken on Candi Berahu (Berahu Temple*)

You should try to visit Mojokerto sometimes, i really love their lovable known snacks that we called it Onde-Onde. It's a piece of little (or could it be big) ball that the inside is sweet mashed green peas and on the skin, some sprinkles sesame seed. Ooooh so yummy ! I would try to do the Onde Onde tutorial next time !

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