Hello my sweetie pies !
For this post, i'll talk about Jeannie Mai host from How Do I Look.
She well known as her unique host skills, her black-blue hair and for me she had a super power to transforms any lost style identity women into someone who different and match properly to their ages. Hmm, more like a Wonder Woman with a "S" for "Style" on her outfit. It's my favorite show since I was 10 years old.
She started her carrier in 18 years old (1998) as MUA for MAC Cosmetics. In 2003-2009, she also hosted and guest staring some tv shows. Until 2009, she took over as the host of the Style Network’s popular and Emmy-nominated show How Do I Look? Her well-known nickname is "Fashion Wearapist". In 2012, she appeared as a guest judge on Asia's Next Top Model-Cycle 1.

Hosted by Jeannie Mai, this show lets two of your closest friends and relatives and a celebrity stylist take turns at dressing you the way that they want to.

 Each one goes on a shopping adventure in your name to buy three new outfits and chooses a new hair and make up which contribute to the 'new look'

Here's some of the style that got changed :


 Plain black pants and a plain black sweat shirt. I mean seriously? These women have a nice thin bodies and by looking at their previous clothes, their just comforted in the zone where every shirts and pants are huge ! But the after it's much better ! Their thin body can covered but nicely shown their curve and their also have a model shoulder which is perfect, sparkling heels, vintage accessories and their new medium hair gave their more volume look.


 Oh no she didn't ! These outfits are just.. TOO MUCH TO SHOW ! Girls, if you have a volume and curve body like mine. You should remember that to show your curve is not by minimum clothes but by proper one. Mini clothes wont fit in you and it just makes you more fat alike :(
Tips from me is search for clothes that fits on you and nice looking. Like if i had a big belly and i don't want it to show, i would buy clothes that's not too colorful or popped color (yellow,orange,etc) instead look for a black more color (purple,dark blue,etc). It also gives you more seductive and classy look.


Okay.. I know, you think this is unique kawaii ballerina style like wow but it doesn't seems like it. Let's say you enter in early woman carrier age like 21-25, your style kinda look like her (this girl above) and you think you're kawaii? No girl, you're wrong. You are grown up and let go of your teen days, you look much beautiful in your own age (well, i don't talk about babyface girls). People will see you more and respect your good personalities. Style do changes thoughts !

I hope my featuring post inspires you, well have a wonderful day ladies-gentleman.

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