This May. I'm going to show you the product that lately i bought. I just arrived from beautiful island, yes, Bali and i super in love with these product they bargain. Please make a note that i am not advertise them but just a quick info what kind of product i uses.


Herborist OLIVE OILHerborist a skin care product that has been very popular and much in demand in Bali.Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Moisturize dry and very dry skin, treating skin elasticity, also making the skin soft and glowing. Thus protecting the skin from premature aging and skin shrinkage. Mojokeling contain seeds to freshen the skin, Herborist Olive Oil also has a form of natural aromatherapy scent of roses and jasmine which give the effect of calmness and relaxation for your mind and your mood. Their smells really good!
How to use:
Apply evenly on the skin, especially in dry parts such as heels, knees and elbows! Both (the soap and the oil) are used for massage and before wearing scrubs.

Does it really works, if we combine a sweet flower mandarin scent with a banana body butter?
Well yes actually! It's perfectly match!
Body butter has a yogurt texture, it's very thick or heavy lotion and it is a great moisturizer.
You use it all over your body, but NOT on your face, because it has a lot of oil in it. Could cause acne, make sure it's noncomogenic. Body butter is just another name for body cream and you just use it on your body like regular lotion. Basically, you use the body butter especially those dries skins and spray the scent. Give it a try !
Voila! These product from Herborist The Essence of Balinese are rock! Cheers.

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