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Before anything, let me introduce myself first.

I'm Felicia Audrey and of course you were wondering why i named my blog "FELICIA LATTE" instead my own name ?

Why I named it "FELICIA LATTE"

One day, I went outside to buy a drink because I'm very thirsty and in my country it's very common wherever you are, you can find cappucino cincau sort of ice blend.
On that time, i've always order a good coffee cincau ice blend name vanilla latte. Since then, the cincau cappucino ice vendor called me LATTE.
So, when i remake and relaunch my blog i named it with my first name and last name which is latte.

Nickname: Latte 

Blog Birthday: May 10th (2010) 


The History Of "Felicia Latte" Blog

It begins on May 2010. Started this blog with a title of "thefeliciaaudrey" blog, was created for sharing my thoughtful and what i know about my magical world (style-makeup-beauty-travel-food). 

In 2013, I changed my blog title to "Frappucino and Latte".
Not that long, I changed the title again to "FLC Tube" and then "Felicia And The Latte"
and now(!) it's "Felicia Latte" that you were visiting now. (Muwahahaha such a funny blog, right?).
Ah! i felt embarrass with how long my struggle was, upside down with my blog.. but then again, i'm grateful because i met virtual people and we can stay in touch.

And you guys! You're the reason of full support although sometimes i have those grammatical mistaken (lol, sorry! maaf >_<)

Thank You for YOU !
If you are interested for sponsoring this blog (or) invite me to attend an event (or) business inquiry. Please, feel free to reach me at MY EMAIL :

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