YouTube Treat Me So Well

Being a Creator through YouTube is a quite challenging, because I started it all from this blog, exactly 8 years ago. Being a Travel blogger that also makes videos on YouTube is pretty exhausting yet exciting to share more as visual rather than just a bunch of sentences in an article. So, right now. I want to share my experience as a "Creator" for this 2 last months and give you tips to begin on your own!

So, this is my "Experience as a YouTube Creator"

1. Monthly Review Straight into Your Inbox!

Although I recently joined at April this year (2018). I am amazed with how they treat me, even it's if they sent me an email of reviewing my milestone, even if they just sent me some broadcast message with my name on it, i don't care! They seriously managed everything good, include creators. I believe this is how a company of second biggest search engine on the internet treats their community. And not to mention the GIF of confetti they've sent is a seriously a top-notch! I feel so honored.

2. A Guide of Help Forum to Answer Your Questions

YouTube also provides me a help forum when I seems confuse with all of these things and it's perfect for you (and me) as a beginner to learn from people who have already been there. You can search your typical question and you might find something good, answering your questions and that's my friend. a benefit of being in a community.

Have we connect yet?!
Click this photo up here to see my YouTube channel (traveling and my daily life)

3. They Provide You with Tons of Lessons in YouTube Creator Academy (and It's Free)

When it comes to YouTube, even you had so much to watch some of other content creator videos about what it takes to be a YouTube Creator, you will gladly found out that YouTube itself have tons of lessons you need to learn, read, ask, answer in community. Well actually, you can learn anything from this website, even you can know what next events! Did I mention it's FREE? Well yes, only for you who want to make movement to teach people, share to people. You get a privilege of getting knowledge you need.

So, here I leave the link down below if you ever wanted to be one of this huge community of amazing, dynamic and creative people. Your welcome.

And that concludes all of those experience so far in last 2 months.
I hope through my experience, I can inspire you to also encourage making contents.
You can leave comment in down below, and I'll be so honored to answer it as soon as possible.

I'll see you in the next post,

Felicia xoxo

Note : Photo is not mine (except "Youtube logo with my name"), it's belong to Youtube Creator  Blog.

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