Gathering Couchsurfing Surabaya

Recently, like 2 days before I went to this gathering, I was reading an article about making good content for my blog then.. I remembered, 4 years ago I really wanted to join a huge international community called Couchsurfing.

For you who still don't know what is Couchsurfing,
Couchsurfing is actually established from website, we all used to know from couchsurfing(dot)org. Basically it was an organization of people in same vision who wanted to get new friends based on hosting peer-to-peer or group people. Usually these bunch of people or a person is /or are a backpacker, in a budget for travel especially accomodation that we all know it takes so much costs from our budget. So, their mission is pretty clear besides throw hosting and surfing, as a member we can get benefit of expand our network. Sound cool!

I want to be honest with you all,
This is my first time attend a gathering of community, Couchsurfing.

It hit me 4 years ago, while still in vocational school but unfortunately in that time,
I was maybe 15 years old and the rules is "legally" register as 18 years old (well bummer 😢). But yeah, I thought why they have this unfair rules and it lead me to an answer that i got recently.
So as I mention, you can host a person or group of people, depend on your own rules (because it's your house anyway), and you are actually going to meet "stranger", you may barely know them from their profile on, so they set this "must be an 18 years old" because, you are mature enough to handle your own business.

Okay back to the gathering last night. I documented videos for you to see.

Here I present you "Gathering Couchsurfing Surabaya"

(video is above)

I want to be honest with you all, this is my first time attend a gathering of community, Couchsurfing. We had so much fun by doing some games, meeting new people, talked about travel list we had and so much more. The most important thing is, when you first walked in to the place, they greet you and ask what is your name and also they would say their name in return. So, for me who first start it from my very first community, I learn how to socialize, friendly with people and that really helps me a lot!

So, if you haven't join in a community yet (it doesn't have to be travel community) whatever suits you, please take a step to join and socialize with many different people!

Have you join community?
Write down your experience from a community!

Till next time guys,

Felicia xoxo

*Note : Source photos are from my lovely friends who shared their photos via Couchsurfing Whatsapp Group. Thanks guys!

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