Hello loves ! <3
It's pretty complicated when our first time seeing makeup kit and we all probably think "what's the point? there's no fun in makeup" HA! It's fun ya know ;_; how could you said that..
Oh ! Anyway hehe, this is my makeup bag. Wide and comfy! I got from my mother's boy-friend.
Here are some products that i always kept on this bag and some following 101 makeup tips ...
This is how you will play contouring as i ever mentioned on my previous post about

Build your lashes with Mascara 

 Don't forget to always, ALWAYS, applies your favorite lip balm to your lips so that your lips wont get dry easily, then top it off with lipgloss or lipstick.. your choice !
And in the end, Makeup isn't about to feel one man show, to be people's attention or being arrogant. It's all about confidence, self-beauty, creativity and selfie ! hahaha
Blesses weekend loves and cheers! <3 

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