An Unsent Letter for Toon Knol (Part II)

Thank you for keep reading until part two.

Part two is really turn back point for me.
Where i was & felt   M I S E R A B L E 
But it changed me a lot, it realized me of how he teaches me a lot about myself, to realized what is the indescribable feelings' mean.
So, here I present you the part two..

(An Unsent Letter for Toon Knol - Part II)

Dear Toon,
I was happy to find out what indescribable feelings i had towards you. It was love. Yes, I admit it on the day of your birthday. I was so serious and meant what I said. We talked until I went to Jakarta, it was amazing journey through all of these. When I was in Jakarta, I worked so hard thinking that,

"I can do this, I know I can do this. Toon inspires me so much in a lot of things."

You have inspired me to be a moderator that I am now. I still work on my mission tho, to open taboo topics and discuss it with my respondents. To open their minds about relationship & sex topics and educate them, without losing any of our morals and Indonesia culture. I still do that until now and I get lots and lots of positive vibes from everyone.

After we talked again and well i thought there was something to fight for.

Well I was wrong.

I know it sucks when you hurted so many times in your past. I can't blame though. You were scared to move on and try new things. You know what? I hate when you said you wasn't so sure to do Long Distance Relationship (LDR) but then I realized it have to be done like that. I'm glad it's over to be honest. Now look where I am now, an inspiration for people to express their stories, their life on relationship & sex topics. I'm grateful enough to say that I'm really proud of who I am now. You and all the rest boys that ever came in my life shortly. You all taught me to chill about love, because the more I chased you all, the more I lose you all too.

I'm grateful enough to say that I'm really proud of who I am now. 

So this is our last chapter. Our ended chapter that we know we can't never continue and prefer to walk on our own path differently. To the indescriable feeling that I used to have. Here I present you..

F C K    Y O U
(An Unsent Letter for Toon Knol - Part II)

Dear Toon,
You missed lots of news after we don't talk anymore. I met lots of guys after you but I'm so chill about it and not rushing anything until now because hell yeah I'm loving myself now, I accept myself. I will publish my first podcast too in Indonesia language, talking about my experience love in life and I'll mention about lots of boys that ever get to know me and of course I'll mention you too.

You see, Toon.
Just right after we ended all things, sure there are some days that I cried like a baby thinking what have I done. I have to took some seminars about love to find out what's wrong with me and now I looking back to what I've been through the past months, I know the answer.

It was Gaslight.

As written by Psychology Today,
"Gaslighting is a form of persistent manipulation and brainwashing. The effects for victim is always doubt her or himself, and lose her or his own sense of identity, perception, and self-worth"

(Also read about "Gaslight")

Yes Gaslight, and then at that moment I share about what is Gaslight at my Instagram too. Finally I can feel free, and I know I wasn't wrong at all. You know? I was thinking I didn't want to continue this last part of the letter I write, for almost 4 months I kept thinking should I write again? Should I clarify things? Should I feel sad again to write revenge letter? Haha, the last part was joking tho.. But seriously, I felt sad for myself because I too exposed things between us, made people know our story lol, sorry for that.

Well this explains a lot don't you think? HAHA. Thank God I'm over it, and also I'm so grateful I can write this Unsent Letter that I know you will never read it though. But through this, I prove myself that I'm a strong girl, I can move on and I can write this letter until finish.

1. The laughter and smile
2. Coffee talks
3. Those late night video calls
4. Movie nights 3 times
5. Imagine 20 babies talks
6. That blanket you said mine
7. Dick pic (lol no i didn't do any revenge porn,
Thank God I still use my brain so I didn't sent you any nude pic)

NB : I'll be back here to update some link so y'all can read what I write about Sex Education haha!

So look at me now Toon, I'm a way much mature on dealing this cheesy feelings. Well this is the last part of our story. No more letter will be write about you. The prime time has finally shining so bright and I just keep on dancing because I finally found myself.

Yo Toon,

"thank you, next"

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An Unsent Letter for Toon Knol (Part I)

Hi to everyone who read this. I'm glad that I can finally write about someone that I haven't mentioned his name before, on my previous post in Bahasa. I have to write this on English because I really hope this someone read "my unsent letter to him" on his birthday. So, let me introduce you to Toon Knol. You have to call him Tony as I only want to call his name with "Toon", so he (still) feel special every time he hear me calling him.
Just a brief informations about us. Tony is a Dutch and I'm an Indonesian. He is 193 cm and I'm 151 cm. His feet size is 47 cm and I'm 38 cm. He is 31 years old and I'm 19 years old (by the time I write this on Christmas Eve 2018). He claimed himself as an average worker and I always want to be an entrepreneur and investor. He live alone and I still live with my family. We met on an online dating site called "Date in Asia" on 07 November 2018. We both loves coffee, he is a coffee drinker and I want to have business in coffee. In college, I wrote my own personal goals setting about business that I want to do, and I wrote "Travel to Netherlands to meet Toon" as my rewards. That's all you guys need to know about the situation, lots of differences isn't it? Not the typical romance story you ever read before haha😅. I wanted to write in one full page, but then I decided to devide it into two parts. The first part I called it...

(An Unsent Letter for Toon Knol - Part I)

Dear Toon,
Today is your birthday! I have sent you my best wishes in Whatsapp, but at the same time I want you to know how I really feel about you. Yes, we only know each other for only just a month, and also we meet through an online dating site (sigh 😓). I never expected that meeting someone through online dating can have such a huge effects on me. But for me, it is still the best thing that ever happen to me. Oh Toon, didn't you remember you said it is miracle to meet me? I thought you were joking about it. But on that time, you attracted me to know more about you. We talked everyday since that day we exchanged our contact number, we opened to our pasts, we introduced our parents to each others, we laughed at our cheesy jokes, we teased each other, well you're the one who teases me all the time, I always mad when you teased me, it seems you don't know the exact situations, but despite all of that, now I miss it so much..
Do you remember we had our very first fight (?) right after you listened to my past. It was odd because you felt jealous about it, and it became much odd for me as I also jealous about the Mexican girl as you just made that up for me, to see me if I jealous 😅😩

Toon, don't you feel from that time we have something? A thing? Feelings that indescribable? Don't you agree with me that we want to made it more serious? As I keep writing this letter, I still sheds lot of tears. I really meant it when I said that you are always on my mind.

Toon, let me list it for you, what "effects" you have on me.

1. You make me laughs and smiles a lot.

I don't laugh a lot or either smile since before I joined in vocational school. I got bullied about my body-shape, thin hair, people called me fat as I'm not like people's expectations and beauty-standards, really hard times on family's economics, done bulimia too (a serious eating disorder that avoid weight gain) that I thought it was an answer for my problems. I lost myself on society, and in relationship. I'm scared to get hurt again. Two months after I finally break up with my ex, I let myself fallen in an online dating site, that I thought I could heal myself through it. So yes, what you said it's true. I was searching for attentions. Attention that I never get from any men around my neighborhood, attention that I never get either from my ex. It only took me almost 5 months on that website.
Toon, when we first met through Date in Asia, you weren't my usual type, as you probably know this from the start. Toon, you may not realized this, but since the first day we did video call and I see you smiles, since that day I began to have that indescribable feels.

2. I'm honest to you and my family (about us).

Do you know what attracts me a lot from you? The way you can positions yourself as an open person to talk and joke together with my family, especially my brother. I amazes by how my brother can joke easily with you. No gap between you and my family. Toon, for your information. Since from the start, I always honest to you and to my parents also. Before that, I was miserable, I lied to them. I was so pathetic. I never listen to them and always rebel. But, since the start we talked, you changed me a lot. I don't want to build this relationship based on lie. No. I want this based on honesty and integrity.
Toon, you probably didn't know this. But after what you said to me, to search another man? I felt really miserable. I keep thinking "No, this isn't normal. It should be easy for me to just move on. Why now I cry a lot, he still on my mind every day, every time and now look at me in the middle of dawn, crying in the bathroom, for a guy I haven't met yet called Toon."

Don't you feel any that indescribable? I felt miserable by not talking to you anymore.

The purpose to write this letter for you is only because I can't talk this to anyone else. You said that I'm an Independent Strong Woman. But through this I realized much more about myself, that no, no I'm not a strong person. I become much more stronger because of you. That this indescribable feelings I have towards you is real. I don't exaggerated it. Toon, you know I involves in Theater. It's really piece of cake for me to exaggerates emotions just because for the role. But, this one. This indescribable one. I can't control it. I wasn't expected how huge and powerful this indescribable feelings that I have.

This why I name part one as   M I S E R A B L E.
As you keep reading this unsent letter.
You will realized how pathetic I was and miserable on days we didn't talked.
I even write an unsent letter too for your mom 😢

3. Crazy enough to make me plan visiting you.

No. This is not normal. I have this urge to meet you as soon as possible. But then I think again now, "Really? He said that he can't have peace on what happened before in my past. He probably don't want to talk to you anymore. Even you will sacrifice everything to get to his place, why bother though? Did he made it ALL clear?",

and my heart say "Look, he will regret what he told you before. He have that indescribable feels too. Don't you believe it? He's also miserable now that he can't talk to you anymore. Give him space. Let him think about what is between you two." I will still going to see you soon in Netherlands. I have write it down on my personal goal settings. Your selfie on my wallpaper home screen and lock screen are the one that keeps me motivates to reach my goal, to get my reward, to finally meet you in real. I don't care if it's hurt by now we don't talk anymore. I hope we can talk again, because I missed all your teases, your laugh, you attractive smiles, especially when you call my name.
The first day I read your message about not wanting to talk to me anymore, it made me so upset and cried and I can't even focus on dance rehearsal. But on the second day it get miserably worse as now I write this all down. Hoping when I publish it on your birthday you will read this, to know how serious I am to you, Toon!
I don't want to imagine when I get my chance to see you in real, and get awkward and cry because I don't even know how to express this miserable feelings when we don't talk. And top all of this miserable feelings I have now, I'm thinking...

"Hey Felicia. This is normal!"

Be grateful because you have beautifully amazing feelings towards Toon. What my heart say really calms me down, although these tears still can't stop falling down.
Well, since we are adult and grown up. So I should say this too, that yes I have that desires as much as you can imagine (men tend to have wild imaginations right? haha). I have this urgency to meet you soon, to look at your mesmerized blue eyes, to ruffle your hair so that become blonde messy hair, to hug you, to kiss that thin lip you have, to.. you know?
Ah! I have lots to say to you. There are lot that you missed on days we didn't talked. But I won't write it here. Let it just be our privacy conversations later 😌

Now I realized that I can't list all effects you have on me 😫
I still believe we have something Toon. But thank you for made this space for us. So we can know what feelings between us, feelings that we have to each other. Because of this time, days we didn't talked.

You made me realized that indescribable feelings.. is...

READ MORE >>> An Unsent Letter for Toon Knol (Part II)

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Date in Asia : Rekomendasi Online Dating untuk Cari Bule + Tips

Setelah dua bulan putus dari mantan, aku coba cari-cari informasi gitu tentang bagaimana caranya bisa ketemu sama bule. Dari keyword seperti : menikah dengan bule, cari jodoh bule, aplikasi chat dengan bule, suami bule, pacar bule, kisah ketemu dengan pacar bule. Bule bule bule.. semua tentang bule pun aku jadikan keyword di pencarianku.
Akhirnya ketemu dong, suatu post yang aku lupa nama blognya apa (kalau aku ketemu lagi, aku cantumin disini sebagai refrensi). Anyway, di blog itu sempat me-review beberapa situs dating yang dia rekomendasikan untuk Orang Indonesia yang niatnya nyari jodoh sampai ke belahan dunia yang lain. Sesuai tebakan kalian, karena aku saking ngebet nya pengen kenalan sama bule, alhasil aku cobain semua situs yang dia rekomendasikan.
Diantara banyaknya situs yang ia tulis, yang menurut aku paling oke, aman, friendly-user dan tentunya gratis (eh penting loh itu, karena ada beberapa situs yang mengharuskan kita bayar 😔) adalaaaaahhh....

Tolong dicatat, saya tidak dibayar sepeser pun karena menyebutkan situs ini hehe 😂

Di situs ini kamu bisa cari selain jodoh (pacar/suami) loh. Misalnya emang niat kamu cuman mau cari relasi (networking) juga ga masalah, sudah punya pacar pun dan mau kenal lawan jenis lebih banyak pun ya ga ada masalah kok. Semua balik ke tujuan kamu diawal, tapi ya kalau menurutku nih.. Yang namanya "Dating Online Site" ya berarti gunanya buat dating (kencan) dong 🙈
By the way for your information nih, di Date in Asia itu bukan cuman ada bule (kulit putih) aja kok, malah banyak banget dari Filipina, Korea, Timur Tengah (Arab, Pakistan, Qatar dan sekitarnya), beuh Orang Indonesia sendiri aja juga banyak 😂 Jadi sesuaikan selera kamu ya, mau cari bule apa oppa-oppa mungkin?

Baca juga : 9 Tipe Bule di Online Dating

Ini berdasarkan preferensiku aja ya gengs, seperti yang sudah aku sebutkan bahwa "oke, aman, friendly-user dan gratis" itu penting banget buat aku. Maka Date in Asia adalah yang paling aku rekomendasikan!

Simple aja sih, seperti pada umumnya sebuah situs. Kamu harus register terlebih dahulu untuk memiliki akun, setelah kamu terdaftar sebagai pengguna, segeralah isi biodata kamu.

Tips #1 : Oke listen up gurls. Kalau emang niat kamu cari bule yang baik-baik dan mengharapkan adanya long-term relationship, please consider to write good about yourself !
Ini penting banget sebagai tahap awal kamu dan aset dalam menjajakan diri berkenalan dengan bule. Tulislah sesuatu tentang dirimu, kelebihan atau hobby, apa yang kamu inginkan dalam pencarianmu, asal mu darimana. Aku sangat sarankan untuk menulis diri sendiri dengan sejujur-jujurnya, karena siapa sih yang mau dibohongin dan saat bertemu tidak sesuai ekspetasi? 🙅  Jangan lupa kasih beberapa foto yang cantik!
Kamu tidak perlu takut profilemu tidak muncul, karena pasti dari Date in Asia selalu melakukan pembaharuan tiap entah berapa menit sekali. Bisa juga kalau mau gerak cepat, lakukan pencarian di menu "search" dan "who's online". Cari sesuai preferensimu seperti usia, negara asal, perokok/tidak, punya anak/tidak, dan lain-lain. Alternatif lain adalah menggunakan ruang group chat, tapi aku sendiri sih ga pernah pakai ruang group chat ya karena males aja 😁
Aku secara pribadi selalu meluangkan waktu untuk membaca dan mempelajari bio masing-masing profile. Kalau aku tertarik, aku bakal beri dia "❤️", nah kalau aku ingin bicara, aku bakal kirim pesan ke orang tersebut (di situs lain, kamu harus bayar subscription demi mengirimkan pesan).
Perlu diketahui bahwa banyak bule yang baik itu selalu membaca bio kamu loh. So make sure kamu menulis tentang dirimu dengan baik!

Tips #2 : Jangan pernah menulis di bio nomor kontakmu dan jangan memberikannya apabila kamu belum yakin. Be aware as always, this is online dating.
Ini juga rekomendasi dari pihak Date in Asia bahwa menulis kontak bisa sangat berbahaya, siapa tahu ada yang mau iseng ngutak-atik data pribadi yekan? atau sekedar gangguin keseharian kamu dengan pesan yang banyak. Online dating ga semudah cerita romantis yang kita tahu gurls, banyak orang-orang yang sebelum bertemu pasangannya di online dating juga pasti mengalami hal-hal seperti di tipu, diajak-ajak yang ga bener sama bule kampret, dan lain-lain. But don't loose hope! Seriuosly, kamu bisa aja ketemu jodoh kamu by online dating 😉
Aku mau share aja sih, awalnya aku tuh skeptik dan berpikir "ya why not try it lah, kan habis putus. Cari networking dulu aja deh, kali ada bule yang kecantol." and the rest of it you can read it down here!

Baca juga : Barisan Bule Mantan Gebetan Online dari Date in Asia

Tips #3 : Setelah tukar kontak, pastikan kamu melakukan call & video call. This will eliminate all scammers, plus you can get to know the person more better.
PENTING! Kalau kamu cuman chatting doang kapan kenal bulenya lebih dalam yekan? Disaat aku siap dan yakin mau komunikasi sama orang tersebut, aku selalu minta call dan video call, kenapa? Bagiku ga afdol kalau komunikasi sekedar tulisan, bisa salah arti banyak! bener deh! The worst communication is by texting, because you don't know how they react on your messages. Jadi, pastikan kamu meminta ijin kepada bule tersebut, apakah dia mau atau tidak. Jangan ada kata paksa diantara kamu dan dia 😊

Tips #4 : Hargailah martabat orang Indonesia, jangan minta-minta duit ke bule!
Selain aku memberikan tips dalam mencari bule dan berkomunikasi dengan tujuan long-term relationship, kali ini tips ini berlaku untuk kita semua. Emang sih nilai mata uang Europe or Dollar lebih besar dari Asia pada umumnya, namun bukan berarti kita bisa seenaknya menjadikan itu alasan, duh apalagi demi-demi alasan cinta yaaa, amit-amit jangan gitu lah cintaaakk.
Aku hanya berusaha kasih tahu aja sih, semoga dalam hal ini banyak Wanita Indonesia tidak seperti itu. Karena aku banyak dapat komplain kaya gini dari bule-bule, walau mereka tidak menyebutkan Orang Indonesia (syukurlah), namun ternyata negara lain di Asia Tenggara tuh ada aja loh yang kaya gitu. Ini kan pembahasannya jadi ke how we represents our beloved country. Tunjukkan ke orang-orang luar bahwa kita orang Indonesia tidak memiliki budaya meminta-minta, oke!

sumber :

Tips #5 : Tanyakan ke bule, "When will you visit me in Indonesia?" See how he react on it.
Salah satu temanku yang sedang pacaran dengan Bule Belanda pernah mengingatkanku kalau jangan ragu untuk menanyakan hal ini. Bertanyalah kapan ia bisa berkunjung ke Indonesia untuk menemui kamu, dan lihat reaksinya. Aku sempat berpikir lama dan akhirnya aku sadar apa yang temanku bilang itu ada benarnya dan ga salah untuk menanyakan hal simple ini, soalnya aku tuh tadinya orang yang malu-malu buat tanya soal kapan berkunjung haha 😅 .

Nah! Demikian penjelasan singkat mengenai Date in Asia, bagaimana cara menggunakannya, dan 5 tips yang sudah aku sebutkan barusan. Kalau kalian tanya apakah aku masih di Date in Asia apa engga? jawabannya TIDAK.

Karena aku ditemukan oleh seorang Bule asal Belanda, kita saling suka dan aku hanya ingin berbagi segalanya dengan dia saja (begitu pula dia). Kami berdua telah menghapus akun kami masing-masing. Jadi buat apalagi yekan lama-lama berselancar di online dating site kalau kita sudah menemukan "belahan jiwa".

Kalau kamu gimana? Sudah pernah pakai Date in Asia dan bertemu dengan "bule" mu? 😍


@felicialatte xx

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Karena Apa Aku Menulis?

Pagi ini aku membuka Instagram, berharap menemukan sesuatu yang bisa membuatku produktif menjelang UAS (baca : Ulangan Akhir Semester) hingga semasa liburanku yang gabut.
Tepatnya lima menit sebelum aku menulis postingan kali ini, aku menemukan apa yang aku cari!

Blogger Perempuan membuat challenge kepada sesama blogger wanita di Indonesia untuk turut berpartisipasi dalam menulis selama 30 hari kedepan dimulai per tanggal hari ini (20/11/2018).
Aku berpikir sejenak saat melihat post itu di beranda Instagram ku, lalu aku memutuskan untuk mengikutinya.

Lalu, apa yang mendasari kamu menulis blog di

Ok, sebenarnya aku sudah mulai menulis di blog ini dari 2010 dan pas itu aku masih kelas 6 SD hehe. Pada saat itu teman sekelasku memiliki tumblr dan aku juga mau ikut punya, cuman aku ga begitu suka tampilan tumblr makanya aku buat blog di yang pertimbanganku saat itu adalah bisa langsung terintegrasi dengan akun google mail yang aku miliki. Demi blog ini, aku terinspirasi untuk membahas seputar fashion and beauty. What made it funny is, blog aku sempat di komentarin sama temen,
"Blog kamu itu sebenarnya tentang apa sih?"
Ya kan masih anak kecil gitu ya, bingung mau isi apa eh malah ngisi hal-hal yang absurd tentang topik ga jelas. Blog ini juga sempat berganti nama berkali-kali, mau ngeblog ala-ala fashion blogger tapi ya ga fokus, coba-coba bahas topik ini dan itu, sempat mengalami hiatus selama tahunan. Wah pokoknya banyak banget yang sudah dilalui oleh blog aku ini hingga sekarang.
Lalu, aku kembali disadari saat memulai challenge ini.

Iya ya, sebenarnya kenapa kamu menulis blog ini?

Ternyata karena aku suka sharing cerita! Baru beberapa hari yang lalu, teman kuliah di suatu organisasi memberikan a piece of mind nya tentang tulisan yang aku buat mengenai Beasiswa dari Universitas Ciputra.
Mendengar ceritanya, aku pun heran kenapa aku sempat tidak percaya diri dengan apa yang aku tulis selama ini. Dari obrolan kami saat itu, aku pun tersadari bahwa blog yang aku miliki dengan tajuk "Felicia Latte" adalah untuk berbagi cerita yang menginspirasi. Tentu, aku perlu topik spesifik agar pembaca atau pengunjung blog aku memahami konten yang ku berikan dari blog ini.

Jadi sekarang kamu termotivasi bercerita di blog ini?

Yes, bisa dibilang begitu. Kedepan aku mau banyak menulis tentang seseorang yang sekarang sangat berarti bagiku. Seseorang yang berasal dari belahan dunia lain, negeri kincir angin. Karena pertemuan kami di dunia maya, aku juga termotivasi untuk menulis kembali di blog ini.
Mungkin dari blog ini, dapat menginspirasi bahkan membantu kamu, hai yang sedang membaca tulisanku! 😁

So, that was the things that made me writed for my blog!
Ini hari pertamaku menulis untuk 30 Days Blog Challenge by Blogger Perempuan.

Stay fresh and fierce,


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Amazing White Cliffs in Indonesia + Itinerary!

Only in Madura

We went to Bangkalan, Madura. I attempted to search a delicious food from Bangkalan called "Nasi Serpang" that I really want to show you guys, but instead we headed our motorcycle to a place, where fantastic view of cliffs in white.

So, I list my itinerary departed from Surabaya through Suramadu bridge to Madura island.



10.00 AM   Surabaya - Suramadu Bridge

We prepare everything we had (talking about some cash😜). First, we drove to my vocational school to have our tummy full for the journey. We actually search for a "Nasi Campur Babi" or hmm, what should I translate it? Well a mix rice with pork, i believe... Anyway, we searched it around Peneleh where it well-known for their Netherland Graveyard. We didn't eat the Nasi Campur, and I thought that maybe we can searched for another option. My option fell to Gado-Gado right beside my vocational (I would love to inform you later if I have my chance to come back again to that place, but right now I didn't have any document for that).
Right when our tummy is full, we headed to Suramadu Bridge (it actually near my school), we drove with a motorcycle and as you can see in the video up there, we didn't have to pay for any toll fee for motorcycle only, I believe if you choose to use car, you will get a toll fee but unfortunately I don't know how much it will cost you. The journey didn't take us too long, it only took us for 20-30 minutes and the view to the Madura island is beautiful and about windy breeze we had at there.

11.00 AM   Rest Area - Bukit Jaddih

When we arrived in some convenient store for rest, we bought a bagelen for snack while driving. Shout out for their clean toilet by the way!!!
Once we had enough rest, we continue drove to our main destination. We searched in google maps for the easiest and effective road, so we take a shortcut instead the recommend road from google. But I really need to inform you this...

I feel that my journey is still safe though, so I have nothing to scared or worried about.

Why so?
Well, the day after our trip to Bukit Jaddih, I spoke to some of women that sell snacks, they really shocked when I tell them how I went to Bukit Jaddih, with motorcycle and no harm story. I was pretty confused, I KNOW I didn't have any harm story while driving or visiting the area. They said that we all should be careful with any kind of criminality around that area, especially when you drive with motorcycle. It's call "Begal" (read : bey-ghal). Shortly Begal is basically an act of a person or a group of people try to steal the motorcycle by harming the driver and could be the passenger also.
Well, I'm telling you about this is NOT TO SCARY you. But YOU SHOULD AWARE of your safety WHERE EVER You're going. But I feel that my journey is still safe though, so I have nothing to scared or worried about.

Well, back again with the story..

13.00 PM   Arrive in Bukit Jaddih

Shortly, the road is really not as easy as I thought. The roads are not that really well (not a straight surface most of them) and I feel shaky when riding a motorcyle and not to mention about so many speed bumps.. But we finally made it to the complex of white cliffs.

I suppose there are 3 area (and be careful you might get parking fee or entrance fee for each area) :
1. Surround by Cliffs
2. Swimming Pool
3. Goa Pote
I chose Goa Pote instead because I want my motorcycle to be safe as I can watch it while enjoying the view.

I must tell you that I had high hopes that it would be really amazing, but I found out that the lake is super green. Not the best view though, but I really enjoy structures of the white cliffs surrounded us.

16.00 PM   Ate in Bebek Sinjay - Surabaya

We utterly forgot that we spent almost 4 hours in the destination and we can't help our starving tummy. So we back again to the main road that we used and we headed right to the City of Bangkalan. We arrived in Bebek Sinjay, the famous resto origin from Bangkalan and spread widely across East Java, Indonesia (I believe).

You have to order first at the cashier and then pay, then you have 2 option.
1. If you choose to take-away meal, you can take your order on right side of the cashier (give your bill to the employee and they will prepare your meal in front of you)
2. If you choose to eat in the place, you have to take steps towards downstair, it's in the left side of the cashier. Don't worry if it's too way crowded, just wait for your call (there is a number in your bill) and they will serve you when it's your time.

We finished our dinner at 17.00 PM and we get back to Surabaya immediately before the sunset went down. I was lucky to see the view of sunset right when I was on my motorcycle, crossed the Suramadu Bridge. We arrived back in Surabaya around 18.30 PM, phew! 😊

*NOTE : All of these photos are mine.
Edited with MADURA 01 and MADURA 02 in Indonesia Preset Collection. Edited in Adobe Lightroom CC (Mobile Version).

I really enjoy what nature of Madura offered us, I will continue to explore more especially I really want to try again eat "Apen Dhulit", a sweet snack like serabi with white sauce from brown sugar.
Well that's end my travel story to Bukit Jaddih,

See you soon in other post!

Feli xoxo

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5 Peraturan O-WEEK Yang Harus Kamu Patuhi!

PRE-OWEEK 2018 akan dilaksanakan minggu depan. Sudah siap belom?

Berdasarkan yang telah aku lalui tahun lalu, O-WEEK itu asyik, yes! itu bener banget. Tapi bukan berarti kamu bisa semena-mena melakukan berbagai hal yang tidak diperbolehkan dalam peraturan.
Lebih baik jaga sikap dan perilaku selama O-WEEK berlangsung. Kamu ga mau kan kalau sampai lulus bersyarat? Hih!

Berikut adalah 5 Peraturan O-Week yang Harus Kamu Patuhi!


Setiap pagi selama pre-oweek maupun o-week, kamu akan bertemu dengan kakak panitia yang berbusana serba hitam. Sebaiknya kamu taati segala peraturan o-week ya. Seperti contohnya bagi yang wanita harus dikuncir rambutnya.
"Bagaimana jika rambutku pendek?"
Well, selama rambutmu bisa di kuncir walaupun kuncir buntut kelinci juga tetap aja harus di kuncir. Ingat ya, kuncirnya menggunakan karet warna hitam. Pengecualian untuk rambut yang seperti laki. Bagi pria juga berlaku seperti itu, jangan gondrongin rambut, dan juga basmi semua bulu-bulu yang berada dimuka. Smartphone selalu dalam mode off ya! Jangan dinyalaiin sampai kamu sudah berada di area yang bukan area o-week.
Pastikan pula kamu tidak pernah telat selama pre-oweek maupun o-week berlangsung. Percayalah padaku, kamu tidak ingin tahu apa yang akan terjadi kalau kamu telat :(

Baca juga : "Orientasi Universitas Ciputra - OWEEK!"


Atribut o-week terdiri dari kartu tanda pengenal, coin dan lembar rally, dua botol minum yang sudah kamu desain, buku o-week, tas o-week, dan lain-lain yang mungkin aku lupa sebutkan. Atribut-atribut ini sebaiknya sudah kamu selesaikan pada masa liburan kamu, sebelum pre-oweek dilaksanakan.
TIPS : Agar o-week mu berjalan lancar, usahakan setiap pagi selalu cross check ulang atribut bawaan kamu, mencegah lupa barang bawaan.


Bukan berarti untuk selamanya sih.. tapi gunanya supaya kamu menghargai eksistensi rumput.
Coba baca lagi peraturan-peraturan yang ada dibuku panduan o-week. Pasti kamu akan menemukan peraturan dilarang menginjak rumput (pokoknya kalau ketemu rumput harus baik-baik dah). Bukan berarti untuk selamanya sih.. tapi gunanya supaya kamu menghargai eksistensi rumput.
Jaga sikap dan perilaku ya! Setelah lulus dari o-week kamu boleh kok sampai guling-guling diatas rumput. Tapi ya pengalamanku sih.. aku sudah tidak ingin mewujudkan hal tersebut, ga tega..


Wajib nih! Selalu senyum sapa dan salam pada setiap kakak panitia (jangan cuman yang berbusana hitam doang), dosen, dekan, rektor dan segenap karyawan Universitas Ciputra. Menurutku, gunanya ini untuk membiasakan kita sebagai mahasiswa baru untuk selalu ramah kepada setiap orang, kamu berada disini untuk mencari relasi kan? So, mulailah dari hal terkecil yaitu ucapan selamat pagi.
You never know you need them in the future.


Selama o-week ada baiknya kamu mulai mem-branding diri sendiri kamu orang yang seperti apa. Yang mengawasimu tidak hanya kakak panitia, tetapi terdapat dosen-dosen yang ternyata juga mantau kamu. Maka dari itu, jadilah maba (baca: mahasiswa baru) yang pro-aktif. Mungkin kamu adalah orang yang bertalenta menyanyi, maka bergabunglah dengan pentas yang akan dilaksanakan saat closing o-week. Mungkin kamu adalah orang yang tipenya hafal segala sesuatu, jangan malu untuk maju kedepan dan tunjukkan bakatmu! Pro-aktif juga berarti kamu dapat mengikuti segala kegiatan dengan lancar.

Demikian beberapa peraturan yang perlu kamu taati selama O-WEEK.
Don't forget to be happy!! It's fun!

Aku padamu,

Felicia xoxo

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YouTube Treat Me So Well

Being a Creator through YouTube is a quite challenging, because I started it all from this blog, exactly 8 years ago. Being a Travel blogger that also makes videos on YouTube is pretty exhausting yet exciting to share more as visual rather than just a bunch of sentences in an article. So, right now. I want to share my experience as a "Creator" for this 2 last months and give you tips to begin on your own!

So, this is my "Experience as a YouTube Creator"

1. Monthly Review Straight into Your Inbox!

Although I recently joined at April this year (2018). I am amazed with how they treat me, even it's if they sent me an email of reviewing my milestone, even if they just sent me some broadcast message with my name on it, i don't care! They seriously managed everything good, include creators. I believe this is how a company of second biggest search engine on the internet treats their community. And not to mention the GIF of confetti they've sent is a seriously a top-notch! I feel so honored.

2. A Guide of Help Forum to Answer Your Questions

YouTube also provides me a help forum when I seems confuse with all of these things and it's perfect for you (and me) as a beginner to learn from people who have already been there. You can search your typical question and you might find something good, answering your questions and that's my friend. a benefit of being in a community.

Have we connect yet?!
Click this photo up here to see my YouTube channel (traveling and my daily life)

3. They Provide You with Tons of Lessons in YouTube Creator Academy (and It's Free)

When it comes to YouTube, even you had so much to watch some of other content creator videos about what it takes to be a YouTube Creator, you will gladly found out that YouTube itself have tons of lessons you need to learn, read, ask, answer in community. Well actually, you can learn anything from this website, even you can know what next events! Did I mention it's FREE? Well yes, only for you who want to make movement to teach people, share to people. You get a privilege of getting knowledge you need.

So, here I leave the link down below if you ever wanted to be one of this huge community of amazing, dynamic and creative people. Your welcome.

And that concludes all of those experience so far in last 2 months.
I hope through my experience, I can inspire you to also encourage making contents.
You can leave comment in down below, and I'll be so honored to answer it as soon as possible.

I'll see you in the next post,

Felicia xoxo

Note : Photo is not mine (except "Youtube logo with my name"), it's belong to Youtube Creator  Blog.

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Gathering Couchsurfing Surabaya

Recently, like 2 days before I went to this gathering, I was reading an article about making good content for my blog then.. I remembered, 4 years ago I really wanted to join a huge international community called Couchsurfing.

For you who still don't know what is Couchsurfing,
Couchsurfing is actually established from website, we all used to know from couchsurfing(dot)org. Basically it was an organization of people in same vision who wanted to get new friends based on hosting peer-to-peer or group people. Usually these bunch of people or a person is /or are a backpacker, in a budget for travel especially accomodation that we all know it takes so much costs from our budget. So, their mission is pretty clear besides throw hosting and surfing, as a member we can get benefit of expand our network. Sound cool!

I want to be honest with you all,
This is my first time attend a gathering of community, Couchsurfing.

It hit me 4 years ago, while still in vocational school but unfortunately in that time,
I was maybe 15 years old and the rules is "legally" register as 18 years old (well bummer 😢). But yeah, I thought why they have this unfair rules and it lead me to an answer that i got recently.
So as I mention, you can host a person or group of people, depend on your own rules (because it's your house anyway), and you are actually going to meet "stranger", you may barely know them from their profile on, so they set this "must be an 18 years old" because, you are mature enough to handle your own business.

Okay back to the gathering last night. I documented videos for you to see.

Here I present you "Gathering Couchsurfing Surabaya"

(video is above)

I want to be honest with you all, this is my first time attend a gathering of community, Couchsurfing. We had so much fun by doing some games, meeting new people, talked about travel list we had and so much more. The most important thing is, when you first walked in to the place, they greet you and ask what is your name and also they would say their name in return. So, for me who first start it from my very first community, I learn how to socialize, friendly with people and that really helps me a lot!

So, if you haven't join in a community yet (it doesn't have to be travel community) whatever suits you, please take a step to join and socialize with many different people!

Have you join community?
Write down your experience from a community!

Till next time guys,

Felicia xoxo

*Note : Source photos are from my lovely friends who shared their photos via Couchsurfing Whatsapp Group. Thanks guys!

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Kita adalah Bagian dari Asian Games 2018

sumber :

Kamu sadar tidak? Banyak banner dan baliho yang berisikan tentang Asian Games 2018 diseluruh nusantara! Memang Indonesia sedang mempersiapkan segala hal untuk menyambut ajang bergengsi internasional regional Asia, karena tahun ini Indonesia adalah tuan rumah!

Yuk jadi tuan rumah Asian Games 2018 yang baik! Lihat foto dibawah.
(sumber :
Jangan malu membiasakan hal baik ya kawan untuk dukung bersama Asian Games 2018 !

Saya ingin menceritakan dua orang yang ikut serta dalam acara ini. Teman saya yakni “S” yang berasal dari Jawa turut berpartisipasi sebagai Relawan dan Puja yang berasal dari Jawa Tengah berpartisipasi sebagai Atlet Asian Games 2018.
Apa sih antusiasme mereka, bagaimana dengan perjalanan mereka menjadi seperti sekarang?


sumber :

“S” menyukai acara olahraga dan ia ingin terlibat dalam behind the scene nya. Ia mengetahui ada lowongan menjadi Relawan Asian Games 2018 saat ia iseng mencari di Google. Saat itu ia resmi mendaftar pada akhir Februari, walaupun sempat tertunda selama beberapa hari untuk melengkapi persyaratan. Pendaftaran dibuka untuk Jakarta dan Palembang, yang mana Jakarta membutuhkan 8000 relawan sedangkan Palembang membutuhkan 2100 relawan.
Ia memilih Palembang karena ia berpikir persaingan tidak seketat seperti yang di Jakarta dan benar! Ia lolos seleksi administrasi dan siap mengikuti arahan selanjutnya. Tes Psikotes dan FGD (Focus Group Discussion) diadakan dalam satu hari, dan hasilnya baru keluar seminggu kemudian. Wow, kebayangkan bagaimana proses yang telah ia lalui untuk menjadi salah satu relawan di Asian Games 2018.

“Karena ini adalah kesempatan langka. Sekali seumur hidup. Terakhir di Indonesia tahun 1962. Kalian ini bagian dari sejarah!

Saat itu saya bertanya, “Bagaimana cara pemerintah bekerjasama dengan para relawan dalam mensukseskan Asian Games 2018?”
Ia berkata bahwa terdapat lembaga yang mengurus persiapan sampai acara Asian Games 2018. Namanya adalah INASGOC, Indonesia Asian Games Organizing Committee. Lembaga tersebut bekerjasama dengan vendor untuk memberikan pelatihan kepada para relawan.

sumber :

Sampai Juni ini sudah terlaksana dua kali pelatihan, yaitu :
1. Pengenalan Nilai-Nilai Olahraga (NOR)
Pelatihan ini membahas tentang pengenalan nilai-nilai yang ada di dalam acara-acara olahraga seperti Olimpiade dan Asian Games, sejarah dari Olimpiade dan Asian Games, serta pengenalan cabang-cabang olahraga yang akan dipertandingkan di Asian Games nantinya.
2. Pelatihan Umum
Pelatihan kedua sudah mulai memasuki pengetahuan dasar yaitu interpersonal dan komunikasi, etika dan profesionalitas, serta dasar pariwisata. Adanya pemberian materi pariwisata khususnya didaerah Sumatra Selatan ini disebabkan karena relawan khususnya yang bertugas langsung dengan atlet, seringkali akan berhadapan dengan permintaan dari atlet dan ofisial untuk mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata. Apabila permintaan tersebut muncul, maka relawan dituntut untuk mampu menjadi pemandu wisata, dan menunjukan objek wisata sesuai dengan keinginan klien (atlet dan ofisial).  
INASGOC juga menyediakan baju, celana, sepatu, jaket, tas dan topi untuk relawan. Wah komplet pokoknya deh!

sumber :

Saya pun bertanya, “Hal apa yang paling diingat saat menjadi relawan untuk Asian Games 2018?”
Ia bercerita mengenai proses perjuangannya, untuk mengikuti pelatihan ia harus rela berkorban melintasi pulau demi mendapatkan pelatihan yang ia perlukan sebagai bekal di acara, dan tentu mungkin bagi beberapa dari kita hal ini tidaklah mudah. “S” menunjukkan pada saya apa arti perjuangan seseorang untuk naik level, mendapatkan ilmu baru dan menambah jejaring. Menjadi relawan memberikan kesempatan kepada “S” untuk datang dan mengunjungi daerah baru. Ia dan teman-teman relawan gembira berpartisipasi dalam Asian Games 2018 karena ini adalah kesempatan langka. Sekali seumur hidup. Terakhir di Indonesia tahun 1962. Kalian ini bagian dari sejarah!


sumber : koleksi pribadi milik Puja

Saat saya pertama bertemu dengan Puja melalui dunia maya, saya bertanya di bidang apakah ia untuk Asian Games, dan ia menceritakannya kepada saya bahwa ia bermain di bidang Wushu Sanda Kelas 70 kg. Apa itu olahraga Wushu? Wushu adalah olahraga yang menyerupai kick boxing namun tidak boleh menggunakan lutut. Hanya diperbolehkan memukul, menendang, dan membanting. Bidang ini pun tidak memperbolehkan menggunakan teknik kunci. Dalam satu permainan terdiri dari 2-3 ronde dengan 2 ronde kemenangan. Kalau 3 ronde hanya terjadi apabila ada 1 ronde yang seri. Bagi yang unggul 2 ronde diberikan durasi 2 menit tiap ronde.

Saya bertanya, “Latihan butuh waktu berapa lama?”. Tak disangka ia menjawab “Untuk mendalami ya sekitar 7 tahun”. Sungguh! Itu waktu yang tidak sebentar untuk menjadi seorang juara.

Kalah adalah pukulan yang menyakitkan agar berusaha lebih baik lagi dan Kemenangan adalah jerih payah dari latihan keras yang terbayar lunas.” -Puja

Bermula saat masih SMP, Puja ingin mengikuti pertandingan tingkat Jawa Tengah di Bandungan, namun ia tidak jadi bertanding karena sedang masa ujian dan ijin kepada sekolah tidak disetujui walaupun sudah latihan dengan giat. Enam bulan setelah itu, Puja mengikuti latihan di Klenteng, Ambarawa untuk tingkat Jawa Tengah dan ia mendapatkan Juara 1. Ia melanjutkan ke tingkat Nasional dan bertanding dengan Medan namun sayangnya ia kalah. Kembali ke tingkat Jawa Tengah yang mempertemukan Puja dengan Feri, saingannya dari Salatiga tetapi kekalahan lagi yang ia dapatkan. Bagi Puja, kalah adalah pukulan yang menyakitkan agar berusaha lebih baik lagi sehingga ia tetap latihan lari, berlatih tiap sore, tidak pernah bolos dan akhirnya latihan-latihan tersebut membuahkan hasil, Puja mendapatkan kembali Juara 1 tingkat Jawa Tengah.

sumber : koleksi pribadi milik Puja

Bergabunglah Puja dengan Tim PORPROV (Pekan Olahraga Provinsi), dan bertanding dengan Sragen di final, namun baginya saingan terberatnya adalah Cilacap. Ia kembali meraih Juara 1 dan masuk ke Tim Jawa Tengah menuju ke PON (Pekan Olahraga Nasional). Pada PRA-PON (Pra Pekan Olahraga Nasional) harus melalui penyaringan 8 besar agar bisa bermain di PON. ia menang melawan Papua. Saat bermain di PON, Puja menang melawan Oscar dari Jawa Timur, seorang angkatan laut.

Seluruh peristiwa yang telah ia lalui ini membuatnya ditarik untuk bergabung dengan PELATNAS (Pelatihan Nasional) dan mendapatkan kesempatan mewakili Indonesia di Asian Games 2018.

sumber : koleksi pribadi milik Puja

Setelah saya mendengarkan cerita perjalanannya menuju Asian Games 2018, saya ingin tahu antusiasme Puja sebagai atlet dan ia menjawab, “Ingin membanggakan Indonesia dengan meraih juara 1, doakan saja biar tidak ada sia-sianya latihan selama ini”. Saya semakin kagum mendengarnya berkata demikian.

Ada pesan nih dari Puja buat kamu, sang Anak Bangsa yang membaca tulisan ini.
“Mudah-mudahan selalu sukses dan semangat mengejar impian.

Mari kita dukung bersama Atlet-Atlet Indonesia di Asian Games 2018.

Tinggalkan komentarmu dibawah ini! 😁 felicia latte

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Travel to Jogjakarta in One Minute

Yes you read it right.
I know I said my Jogja trip is canceled, but.. I give this opportunity to someone else who needed more of traveling time.

Remember I posted video on my YouTube about "How I Pack Lite for Travel" ?
Well, I consider about my boyfriend who still want to go to Jogja (without me) and I think he might need travel. Along with his sisters, they depart from Jombang to Jogjakarta which is may took approximately 265 km. They depart by train at evening, same date as my itinerary departure.
After arrive in Jogja, they took a walk to their accomodation, Zest Hotel Jogjakarta.
Zest Hotel is near the Lempuyangan Train Station, which station they've arrived.

I don't get their itinerary completely, they only went to 3 object destinations which are Hutan Pinus, Taman Seribu Batu Songgo Langit (and Taman Hobbit) and Puncak Becici. I assure you that they have great time during in Jogja.
Here is my quick recap of their videos that I have edited.


How was that? Yes, pardon me cause of simple video taking. But I'm very happy they have a great time together and I still can give you a view of Jogja.
Also, I have their note of expenses. Maybe you can take a look and take a note of costs you may have during in Jogja.


$1 = Rp. 14.200 (Wed, 20 June 2018) 

1. Meals : 
  1. Day 01 : Rp. 14.000 (bihun goreng / dinner)
  2. Day 02 : Rp. 15.000 (siomay / lunch) + Rp. 15.000 (satay / dinner)
  3. Day 03 : Rp. 18.000 (gudeg / breakfast) + Rp. 15.000 (pecel / lunch)
    Total Meals = Rp. 77.000 ($5.50)

2. Entry Fee :
  1. Rp. 2.000 x Hutan Pinus
  2. Rp. 2.000 x Taman Seribu Batu Songgo Langit (and Taman Hobbit) 
  3. Rp. 2.000 x Puncak Becici
    Total Entry Fee = Rp. 6.000 ($0.45)

3. Parking Fee :
    Rp. 2.000 x 3 tourism object   = Rp. 6.000
    Rp. 4.000 (at malioboro mall) = Rp. 4.000
    Total Parking Fee = Rp. 10.000 ($0.70)

4. Gasoline :  Rp. 15.000 ($1.10)

5. Transport by Train :
    Jombang - Jogjakarta      Rp. 230.000
    Jogjakarta - Jombang      Rp. 140.000
    Total Train Cost = Rp. 370.000 ($26.00)

6. Motorcycle : Rp. 90.000 ($6.50)

7. Hotel Zest Jogjakarta
    3 Nights x Rp. 170.000
    Total Hotel Cost = Rp. 510.000 ($40.00)

TOTAL EXPENSES     Rp. 1.074.000 ($80.25)

*Important Note :Please due diligence first, especially if you are foreign tourist/backpacker. All costs above are written for locals, like me. I suggest you to ask first how much it will cost you to buy "pecel" for example, or how much entry fee for foreign tourist, and like so. Be a pro-active traveler guys! Don't worry, Indonesia is well-known for its hospitality 😉.

I plan to travel to Jogja someday, giving you more amazing experience by looking at my cinematography, I shall learn a lot, travel a lot, and also write and documentation my journey to you!

Thank you for always reading my blog until now, hope you have a great time reading this!


Felicia xoxo

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Jogja Trip is Cancelled!!

Ahh.. It's a very nice Sunday. I have done with prepare all of my stuff, the reservation of hotel are correct and no problem, It is time for me to take an enjoy Sunday, walking in the biggest mall in Surabaya.
I have prepare a new post that should be upload Sunday at 20.00 WIB (+7 Bangkok, Jakarta, etc). But...

Before I even upload my new post about "How I Pack Lite for Travel"

(watch it up above)

My Jogja Trip is CANCELLED 😡


It's not fair! I've been dreaming this for my whole life (well at least for 3-4 years of study at vocational school). But um.. there is a reason why it cancel. Somehow, my parents didn't allow me to travel alone, even only driving 320 km away across province. Somehow, they didn't allow me to travel and drive away while now it's the perfect time for everyone in this country to "mudik".

*Mudik is a tradition annually where people come home, their hometown or their village, to gather with big family, before Ramadhan.

And this tradition in my country become so popular each year, everyone are on the road. It always traffic everywhere except big town, like Jakarta or Surabaya (lol😂).
So that's all their reason.
It's kinda make sense actually.. I'm not chose right date to travel. Every destinations in Jogja will be crowd by so many people, and eventually my trip will be bummer because I need inspiration, content, to share you guys my experience.

Well.. I guess next time I will travel to Jogja. Instead, I will create a content about Explore Surabaya.

See you soon!!!


Felicia xoxo

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I'm A Travel Blogger

Hello world!
So welcome to my blog
Once again I would like to introduce myself, my name is Felicia Audrey, now you may know me as Felicia Latte from this blog, of course introduce you to my travel blogging life. By the way, i'm a college girl in my end of second semester and sometimes it can be hard living as a student and traveling at the same time, but I will keep my blog updates as per schedule (new blog post & videos at Sunday & Wednesday @20.00 PM).

So actually, after almost eight years blogging, i am more focusing my content to travel and it could branch into photo & videography as well. You may find in this blog is dual language, but after this post, I clearly speak English although I'm not an advance at English. It's because of my analytic data said about my visitor are from outside of my country.
In my instagram account, i might posting personal things such as make-up, foods and all the beautiful stuff.

I also have


(click it, and it will bring you to my youtube channel).
Same thing, i focus on travel video, tips, and "how to".

The reason behind I write this post is to introduce you about myself and share what I've done, what things i want to talk about, and how you can see world from my perspective.
I hope you have a wonderful time reading my blog, and also be sure to check my videos.

New posts every SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY at 20.00!!

See you soon!


Felicia xoxo

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